Gun Rocks is located in a group of Islands known as the Farne Islands, off the coats of Northumberland, England. Here, 15 or so cannon (there may be more!) lie on the shallow Gun Rocks  site, scattered in amongst tall kelp fronds. The cannon lie in water  between 8 – 12 metres in depth. The site is generally diveable on slack and flood tides, it is therefore a very accessible site, for all levels of diver.

All divers know that finning in amongst kelp can be difficult, so the Gun Rocks dive trail aims to facilitate divers to navigate between the cannon, using paths, cut between the kelp. Maps will be provided and a small number of the cannon will be buoyed for reference. The limited kelp cutting will allow for ease of diving, whilst preserving the existing biodiversity of the area.

For more information about the location of Gun Rocks, the creation of the dive trail and to down load the trail maps, please just click on the images below.