Gun Rocks in Scuba Magazine

Scuba Magazine front coer

The British Sub-Aqua Club’s magazine – Scuba, features a monthly article called “get wrecked”. The article provides a dive tour of a different wreck each month. For December’s issue, Gun Rocks was featured. It was a really good excuse to filter through all of the photographs that have been taken to date and to draw a new more fun map of the dive trail too!

The map took more time than the words for the article, as it has been drawn to scale and includes additional information such as the location of the octopus and other critters. A copy of the hand drawn map can be seen below. This was then taken by the illustrators at TRMG and made in to the map that was provided in the article…

Gun Rocks Map by Nic Faulks 2019

To see a copy of the article just click HERE. If you are in a local North East dive club then you may recognise a few people in the photographs. For some it was their first ever snapshot in Scuba.

As the dive season is starting again, we hope to get the marker back out on to the Gun Rocks site, by the first weekend in May. Earlier if the weather looks good. At the same time as putting the marker buoy back, we will also check the trail is in place and cut back the kelp. If anyone out there wants to help with this, then do let me know – just use the contact form on this website.

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