Consultation with the MMO

The funding is now in place but then there are the licences. Yes, we need a Marine Management Organisation (MMO) licence to “deposit” rope in the sea bed. So I have been in consultation with some nice people at the MMO, one is even a diver himself, who have advised me which licence to go for…. Its called a “Fast Track Licence” which takes 13 weeks to process. Ironically the normal licence also takes 13 weeks, but there is a price difference. The Fast Track only costs marginally more  than the cost of putting the trail in, the normal one, costs a lot more. So fingers crossed that it is a smooth process.

We are hoping to be out on Gun Rocks over the Bank Holiday weekend, this is to put the navigation or start marker buoy in (we can do this under the 28 day temporary buoy rule, no MMO licence required).  We will also be more accurately locating the cannon for the map using measuring tapes and a compass.

If any one would like to help then please let me know.

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