2018 Dive Season Ending Soon…..

The diving season is coming to an end on the East Coast is seems. The Autumn gales have started, and the underwater visibility is changing on a daily basis. On the 29th September a group of us tried to dive Gun Rocks, but the strong westerly winds kept us away having to dive the sheltered side of the islands instead. We had intended to check the trail and to undertake a thorough Seasearch survey of the site, but it was not to be. What we did discover is that the marker buoy has gone. Presumably blew off during the early September storm which swept through. We have therefore decided to leave the site without a marker until next year, probably early April…. So, if you wish to dive the site before then, you will have to use the GPS co-ordinates, and the map!

In other news, Gun Rocks has been selected as a topic for presentation at the Marine Archaeology Society Annual Conference in Newport, Wales 16-17 November 2018. For more information please click Here. The talk will be presented on the Sunday morning, and will be full of photos and some video, following the events of the last few years, photogrammetry, trail laying, mapping and having fun! Tickets are still for sale, so if you would like to go, it will be a lovely weekend full of interesting talks, and possibly some new projects….

Finally, apologies to anyone who has been on the site lately, the website that is, and has found that it was bereft of images and photos. It took a bit of “googling” but it seems that an update to Jet Pack managed to remove all my photos. Fingers crossed that it is all restored now. If you come on and find them gone again, do let me know. 

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